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国产亚洲另类综合在线国产亚洲另类综合在线,好属妞视频这有精品23bubu好属妞视频这有精品23bubu,如果岁月可回头评价如果岁月可回头评价We concentrate all of our products to the maximum limit of solubility. We don’t like to ship water. When we say, concentrate”, the product is to be cut or diluted before it is sold to your customers. Read the instructions carefully before preparing these products. Labels and SDS’s for the ready-to-use (R.T.U.) products are available from our office. We use the phrase “ready to use” to indicate that we have diluted the product to a strength that is most easily sold to your customers. This may be half strength, quarter strength, or less. The choice is yours: “ready to use” for convenience or “concentrate” for economy. 



Let us talk to you about our Private Label program, so you can start selling quality formulated products manufactured by ITD, Inc. today.

Select this link to see an example of a Private Label


Ordering Products

Please order products by item number. This item number can be found
listed under
each product name. Each item number has 2 parts; the first

is the “formula” number, and the second is the packaging configuration
Listed below are explanations for understanding the meaning
of the packaging codes:


01 = 1 gallon jug   •   05 = 5 gallon pail   •   55 = 55 gallon drum

Liquid Note: These items are FULL containers of the completely blended product.

The ONLY exceptions are items 16210-55 & 11114-55. See those items for details.


1DK = Single Drum Kit  •  5DK = 5 drum kit  • 10DK = 10 drum kit

Kit Note:国产亚洲另类综合在线国产亚洲另类综合在线,好属妞视频这有精品23bubu好属妞视频这有精品23bubu,如果岁月可回头评价如果岁月可回头评价 “Kits” are configured to mix the designated quantity of product at ONE time.

Example: 11110-5DK:
This kit configuration will create 5 - 55 gallon drums, or 275 gallon of Power Brite concentrate.

If 5 one drum kits are ordered to mix one or more at a time, there are no quantity breaks.
Quantity breaks are only with bulk packaging.

These items are NOT quantity price breaks. 国产亚洲另类综合在线国产亚洲另类综合在线,好属妞视频这有精品23bubu好属妞视频这有精品23bubu,如果岁月可回头评价如果岁月可回头评价

They are “multiple drum kits”.


40B = 40 lbs. powder in a bag

40P = 40 lbs. powder in a pail

50B = 50 lbs. powder in a bag



Additional Packaging Supplies

  • 1 Gallon Jugs with caps
    Available in: Reshipper (4x1 per case)
  • 5 Gallon Pails with Lids
  • 6 Gallon Pails with Lids
  • Pail Lids with Pour Spout
  • Drums: 30 & 55 Gallon
  • Drum Bungs: Course & Fine Thread
  • Label Glue (1gallon jug)
  • Quart Round Bottles
  • Trigger Sprayer for Quart Bottles
  • Caps for Quarts & Gallon jugs
  • 国产亚洲另类综合在线国产亚洲另类综合在线,好属妞视频这有精品23bubu好属妞视频这有精品23bubu,如果岁月可回头评价如果岁月可回头评价Hazard Labels: 4x4 pressure sensitive
                        Corrosive, 8
                        Flammable, 3
                        Toxic, 6
  • Drum Siphon Pumps
  • Drum Wrenches
  • Drum Safety Seals & Seal Crimper
  • Drum Thread Adapter
  • Refractometer
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